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2 June 01, 2016

Relevant Topic: Religious Life and Religious Education in the South of Russia

1. Natal'ya V. Fedorova
The Development of Parochial Schools in the Don Eparchy in the 1860s and 1870s in the Context of the Secularization of Primary Education

Russkaya Starina, 2016, Vol. (18), Is. 2, pp. 80-94.
DOI: 10.13187/rs.2016.18.80CrossRef

The article is based on archive materials and published documents. It deals with activities of the parish clergy in the area of primary education within the territory of the Don Eparchy and examines the development of parochial schools in the 1860s and 1870s in the context of secularization of the education system. The author analyzes different factors, influenced increasing and former decreasing the quantity of the parochial schools in the Don Eparchy during this period, and introduces new archive sources for scientific use.

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Articles and Statements

2. Alexey А. Rudenko
The Issue of the Institutional and Dogmatic Polarization in the Evangelical Movement During its Formation in Russia (on the Basis of Rostov Community)

Russkaya Starina, 2016, Vol. (18), Is. 2, pp. 95-105.
DOI: 10.13187/rs.2016.18.95CrossRef

The article deals with the issue of Evangelical movement in the late XIX – early XX centuries during its formation in Russia as well as in local Rostov community. It estimates the role of the institutional and dogmatic polarization in the movement. On the basis of the examination of the archival data, the denominational periodical literature, the private correspondence of religious figures and the historical research done prior to the scientific research the writer outlines the negative impact of this polarization on the dynamic of the Russian Evangelical movement.

URL: http://ejournal15.com/journals_n/1471950861.pdf
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3. Yury N. Makarov
Soviet State Policy towards Religious School (1918 – early 1920s)

Russkaya Starina, 2016, Vol. (18), Is. 2, pp. 106-113.
DOI: 10.13187/rs.2016.18.106CrossRef

This article discusses some of the practical activities of the Soviet state, both in legal and practical terms, related to the enforcement of the Decree on the separation of church and state and school from church. The role of the RCP(в), the Central Executive Committee, People's Committee of Justice and National Education Committee in the implementation of this Decree, as well as activities related to the creation of a unified labor school. The activity of the senior officials, seeking to neutralize the efforts of the Russian Orthodox Church, aimed at organizing non-formal education of children and adolescents in churches and temples in the territory of the USSR.

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4. Ludmila V. Tabunshchikova, Alla V. Shadrina
“We have already Separated the Church from the State, but we still have not the Religion from the People”: the State and the Russian Orthodox Church in the Don in 1923

Russkaya Starina, 2016, Vol. (18), Is. 2, pp. 114-136.
DOI: 10.13187/rs.2016.18.114CrossRef

The article deals with one of the less studied subjects of the church-state relationships in the USSR, the events of 1923. In this year there was a change of the tactics in the fight of the Soviet state against religious organizations. The author shows, by the way of example of the Don region, that was started a large scale propagandistic campaign against the Russian Orthodox Church. One of the most notable its theorists was E. Yaroslavsky. There were implemented various forms of active agitation: propagandist public debates and articles in newspapers, public renunciations of the priests-renegades, struggle against church fests, carrying over of holidays, anti-bell and anti-icon campaigns, the introduction of the “red ritual”, the demonstrative closing of churches, etc. The mass propaganda was ineffectual because the “excesses on the ground” provoked indignation among the believers.

URL: http://ejournal15.com/journals_n/1471951022.pdf
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5. Andrey A. Kostryukov
Archpriest Stephan Lyashevskiy – Pastor, Scholar, Confessor (on the 30th Anniversary of the Death)

Russkaya Starina, 2016, Vol. (18), Is. 2, pp. 137-146.
DOI: 10.13187/rs.2016.18.137CrossRef

The article is devoted to the way of life of archpriest Stephen Lyashevskiy – author of studies on pre-Christian Russia and the biblical archeology. The life of Stephen has not yet been investigated, although his life was a lot of interesting and important events – a meeting with Patriarch Tikhon, Metropolitan (later Patriarch) Sergius, many ascetics, martyrs and confessors of the twentieth century. The article is based on materials of the Archives of the Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, where is Archpriest S. Lyashevskiy fund.

URL: http://ejournal15.com/journals_n/1471951064.pdf
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6. Ksenia R. Mukhametshina
Don Old Believers in the Post-war Period (1945–1953)

Russkaya Starina, 2016, Vol. (18), Is. 2, pp. 147-153.
DOI: 10.13187/rs.2016.18.147CrossRef

The proposed article can be seen as a historical reconstruction related to a targeted identification and preliminary analysis of the major problems that determined the development of the Don old believers in the postwar years. Within a chosen complex problem, it is necessary to allocate such important aspects of everyday interaction of the power structures and religious communities, religious practice under conditions of strict ideological and political control, the specific socialization of young believers. The article discusses the Old Believer community in Rostov-on-Don in 1945–1953. The study identifies and analyzes the major problems which determined the development of the Don Old Believers in the postwar years. The author considers the documents of the State Archive of the Rostov Region.

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