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«Russkaya starina» – history scientific Journal.

ISSN 2313-402X. E-ISSN 2409-2118
Publication frequency – issued 2 times a year.
Issued from 1870.

Russkaya starina

MIAR 2016 ICDS - 3,977

The journal’s mission is to present recent research on the history and culture of Russia. 

The priority areas for us are historical regularities and peculiarities of civilizational development of Russia as a multinational country with a dramatic and controversial history, unique historical and cultural heritage, as well as traditions and customs of its inhabitants. 

The journal’s objectives is to familiarize the specialists and all interested readers with the contemporary achievements in historical and others humanitarian sciences, developing the inter-institutional and international scientific cooperation in the framework of the research problems, improving research ethics and publication activity of young researchers.


The journal was founded in 1870 by the historian, journalist and public figure Mikhail I. Semevsky (1837-1892). At first it was published monthly in St. Petersburg (Petrograd) until 1918.

The publication of the journal resumed in Sochi since 2010, with the first four years it was published twice a year. Since 2014 the journal is published quarterly by Academic Publishing House Researcher in Sochi city.

The Editorial Board welcomes articles from both Russian and foreign researchers.

This is an open access journal. The journal does not have article processing charges (APCs) and article submission charges. The journal allows the author(s) to hold the copyright and retain publishing rights without restrictions. When using the materials in non-commercial purposes the link to the organization is required. The commercial use is prohibited. 



This work is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

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Founder and Editor:  Academic Publishing House Researcher


Postal Address: 26/2 Konstitutcii, Office 6, Sochi 354000. Russian Federation

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Executive Editor – Sergey N. Nikitin


The article should be sent to the editor with a note in which journal you plan to publish it. List of journals is presented here.






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